Most Comfortable Purse to Carry

7 Most Comfortable Purse to Carry in 2022

Most of the women care only about the design or the price of the purse and don’t bother to think about its weight or comfort level. Remember! A heavy purse or a purse opposite to your physique can affect your health and posture. To make you safe from Chronic Pain or other health issues caused by handbags, It’s Outfit! has collected a list of 7 most comfortable purse to carry which are perfect for your everyday use.

List: 7 most comfortable purse to carry

1. Scarleton Ultra Soft Crossbody Bag

This Scarleton crossbody bag has been very successful in the market for the last few years, mainly for its rich features that provide ultra-comfort and great functionality. At the moment, it is one of the best lightweight handbags and certainly the most comfortable crossbody bag.

➡ Medium size, neither too big nor too small
➡ Plenty of pockets to organize your stuff better
➡ Very soft yet sturdy leather
➡ Top zipper closure
➡ Its Weight is just 0.8 Pound (very lightweight)
➡ Adjustable Bronze made shoulder Strap drops 22.5
➡ Made from Vegan leather (bonus!)

Note: This bag comes in 11 different colours and styles, must check all of them before buying one

✔ Multi pockets option provides great functionality
✔ Its light weight makes it most comfortable purse to carry
✔ It has a pretty cool look
✔ Also has an Interior cell phone pocket
✔ Price is very low
✖ The main compartment is a little tight to reach into

2. Kipling Asseni Tote Bag

Kipling has been a known brand for lightweight nylon bags. It is probably one of the underrated comfortable tote bags in today’s time. The Kipling Assen Tote has all the essential features an easy to carry bag must-have. It’s great for beach and picnic days or even casual days out. It’s even considered to be “the perfect comprehensive mom bag”!

➡ Comfortable straps
➡ Sturdy zippers
➡ Weight is just 1.08 pound (lightweight!)
➡ Spacious

Note: If you find this to be a bit big, you can check out Kipling’s Gabbie crossbody bag.

✔ 3 straps to carry it either crossbody, over the shoulder or in the hands.
✔ Quality zipper and stitching, very durable
✔ Trusted brand
✔ Many pockets are partitions keep things organized
✔ A lot of room, perfect for those who carry a lot of stuff
✖ A bit pricey

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3. Z-joyee Casual Vintage Hobo Bag

This casual Tote bag is one of the top-rated everyday bags. It has all the essential features an easy to carry bag must-have. Other good things about this bag which landed it into our most comfortable purse to carry list are its durability and dual top carrying options.

➡ Top Zip closure
➡ High quality cotton canvas exterior
➡ Skin friendly fabric linning
➡ 3 strap options, one is removable and adjustable
➡ Weight is 1.35 pound
➡ It has 2 tiny side pockets

Note: This Z-joyee bag comes in 14 Cool Colours. The black bag looks more appealing to me.

✔ 3 straps to carry it either crossbody, over the shoulder or in the hands.
✔ Quality zipper and stitching, very durable
✔ Many pockets are partitions keep things organized
✔ A lot of room, perfect for those who carry a lot of stuff
✖ None

Learn more about this Z-joyee Casual Vintage Hobo bag in this video review.

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4. LeSportsac Deluxe Floral Crossbody Bag

LeSportsac is known for being lightweight. Ask anyone who has a LeSportsac can tell you it’s not heavy – which is why this list can’t not have a LeSportsac!

LeSportsac is known to have different fun designs and I absolutely love this blue floral pattern with pink and yellow accents they have.

The LeSportsac floral crossbody bag is another most comfortable bag to carry but it is surely more appealing than most of the others.

This medium size vintage classic crossbody is another most comfortable bag to carry but it is surely more appealing than most of the other. It is made of soft PU leather and its retro classic color makes it more appealing.

Off the topic: If you like cute purses like this one, do check out my list of cute purse for a teenage girl. You’ll adore each of the purses on the list for sure.

➡ Made of nylon
➡ Has 2 main zippered compartments
➡ Has an exterior zippered back pocket
➡ Has 2 zippered front pockets
➡ Wide strap
➡ Available in different fun prints designs!

Note: If you’re not feeling a printed bag, you can also choose a classic everday LeSportsac bag in black!

✔ Plenty of pockets give great functionality
✔ Different print designs with personality!
✔ Comfortable wide shoulder strap does not slide off the shoulder
✔ Well-constructed durable bag
✔ Great for an everyday bag
✖ A bit expensive

5. Scarleton 3 Front Zipper Shoulder Bag

A spacious comfy Shoulder Bag with gorgeous style. You can carry all your essential stuff in its organized storage without feeling any burden on your shoulder. Simply! It is a perfect companion for shopping and traveling.

➡ Top zipper closure
➡ Silver-toned hardware
➡ Ultra-soft synthetic leather with fabric lining
➡ Its weight is 1.65 pounds
➡ Has a removable & adjustable shoulder strap which drops 27″
➡ Two main compartments with phone pocket and a zipper pocket
➡ Two side pockets for your small stuff

Note: This fashionable shoulder bag is available in 7 colors: Black, Ash, Brown, Coffee, Mint, Pink and Magenta. Black and Ash are my favorite ones.

✔ Very roomy
✔ Easy to carry with its multiple strap options
✔ 2 separate compartments with interior pockets help organizing stuff
✔ Extremely durable
✖ None

6. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

A stylish travel purse with great security features. This Travelon bag has all the essential safety features to keep your things safe and protected from thieves. It is quite comfortable and has many slots for your stuff which makes it perfect for traveling, jogging, shopping, sports, and gym.

➡ Locking straps & compartments
➡ RFID blocking slots
➡ Slash-resistant straps and body
➡ Spacious compartment with many pockets
➡ Adjustable cable-reinforced cut-proof shoulder strap
➡ Side pocket to carry a bottle or other stuff

Note: This remarkable product comes in more than 20 colors which makes it a bit hard to choose one.

✔ Very easy to clean
✔ Smooth and durable
✔ Great safety features
✔ Many pockets to organize the stuff
✖ Heavier than other bags (because of it’s anti-slash feature)

7. Iswee Leather Tote Bag

Iswee Leather Tote Bag is another great product provides a smooth and comfortable carrying option with its weave handle and also has an adjustable shoulder strap. The grain leather and distinctive design add more class to the bag. It’s quality features include it among the best designer tote bags for work.

➡ Cowhide grain leather top layer with polyester lining
➡ Comfortable weave design top handle
➡ 2 main compartments with 3 interior and 1 exterior pockets
➡ Medium size handbag, weight 1.92 pounds
➡ Removable, adjustable shoulder strap (21~24 inches)
✔ Classic elegant style gets many compliments
✔ Durable bag, lasts quite a long
✔ Perfect medium size for everyday use
✔ Color goes with everything
✖ It comes scrunched rather then its orignal shape

Final Words

This list contains various styles and sizes of purses. To pick one purse out of them, simply compare your favorite two or three of the list and see which one can fulfill your needs perfectly. In case you are still confused then read this article about choosing the right bag.

What is my final pick? The Kipling Asseni Tote Bag! Why? Not only is the bag lightweight to begin with but it’s also fuss-free and roomy! It matches all my requirements plus has a fun metallic sheen to it. You can go from office work to the beach with the same bag!

For travelling, go with the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag for the safety features. The slash resistance and RFID blocker will be a major lifesaver in an unknown place! Downside would be the weight but you’ll have peace of mind carrying this around!

What’s your pick? Let me know in the comments. cheers!

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