Sling Backpack with Water Bottle Holder

7 Most Practical Sling Backpacks with Water Bottle Holder!!!

If you are a traveler, hiker or a sports freak, you would probably have faced the problem of finding a right sling bag which can carry all your essentials and hold water bottles. To make sure that you won’t face this problem anymore, I have gathered the list of 7 Perfect Sling Backpack with Water Bottle Holder. I am sure that these sling bags will make you their fan.

List: 7 Perfect Sling Backpack with Water Bottle Holder

MOSISO Sling Backpack4.5🌟

OutdoorMaster Sling Bag4.5🌟

Waterfly Chest Sling Shoulder Backpack4.4🌟

Mouteenoo Sling Backpack4.5🌟

Meru Small Sling Bag4.5🌟

Peicees Chest Crossbody Sling Backpack4.3🌟

CARQI Sling Bag4.4🌟

1. MOSISO Sling Backpack

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A multifunctional affordable backpack with so many rich features that provide great comfort and high durability. Though generally, it is considered as the best hiking daypack yet Its elegant look and lightweight make it perfect for both casual and formal use. has also listed this MOSISO Sling Backpack in its list of Top 15 Best Sling Backpacks and Purses.


  • It is made of High-quality Polyester.
  • Two Side pockets to hold water bottles or umbrella.
  • Flexible adjustable and breathable strap.
  • It has a breathable back.
  • Its weight is just 0.8 pounds.
✔ Breathable back and shoulder strap
✔ It is available in various attractive colors
✔ Very comfortable and lightweight
✔ This mosiso sling backpack has 1 year warranty
✔ Its price is very affordable
✖ Only fits medium and small size water bottles

2. OutdoorMaster Sling Bag

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This Outdoor master sling bag is actually a perfect outdoor companion. It keeps all the stuff very safe and fits plenty of items. It has a number of great features that are hard to find in one bag. And perhaps that is the reason it is one of the most sold and recommended sling backpacks on Amazon.


  • It has several smart pockets and a water bottle holder.
  • Medium size main compartment fits mini-laptop or iPad.
  • This sling backpack has a reversible shoulder strap.
  • The strap and back are breathable.
✔ Very compact and easy to carry
✔ Breathable and comfortable back panel and shoulder strap
✔ Reverseable strap makes it perfect for both lefties & righties
✔ Multiple compartments make it easy to organize
✔ Super durable, lasts at least a few years
✖ It is a bit smaller than the picture

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3. Waterfly Chest Sling Shoulder Backpack

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Another top-rated sling backpack with water bottle holder. Most of the features of this Waterfly sling bag are the same as previous daypacks but its weight which is just 0.45 pounds and easy accessibility make it stand out. You can put plenty of stuff in its multiple compartments and it still won’t feel bulky at all. In short, it is a great daypack with several remarkable practical features.


  • It is crafted of water-resistant nylon and mesh fabric.
  • Multiple main compartments and slots to organize better.
  • It has a mobile pouch attached with a strap and a water bottle holder.
  • Its strap is adjustable and reversible.
  • Padded Breathable back and strap.
✔ Super lightweight and comfortable
✔ Multiple compartments to put your stuff
✔ Perfect for both lefties & righties with its reversable strap
✔ Pockets are easy to acces and can also be used as a shoulder bag
✔ Durable and smooth material especially the zippers
✖ Water bottle holder does not fit a 24 oz bottle

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4. Mouteenoo Sling Backpack

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A well-made simple daypack with plenty of space to carry a 15 Inch Laptop and notebooks. This Mounteenoo bag is one of the most versatile sling bags with a water bottle holder, perfect for both formal and casual places.


  • It is made of strong and sturdy Nylon.
  • Wide main compartment fits 15 Inch Laptop.
  • Multiple pockets including a detachable pouch and a water bottle holder.
  • Padded backside for more comfort.
✔ Fits plenty of stuff yet does not look bulky
✔ Easy to organize
✔ Very durable does not break easily
✔ Its has separate padded compartment for laptop
✖ The strap only fits over the right shoulder

5. Meru Small Sling Bag

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A stylish small sling bag with many cool features. If you are looking for a sling bag for sports particularly for jogging or gym I would urge you to buy this one. It has a bit of unique design but it is extremely comfortable and functional. And the mesh pocket to hold the water bottle is inside the compartment. According to, it is one of the best sling backpacks.


  • The material of this daypack is Canvas.
  • It has a main compartment with multiple interior and front cargo zippers.
  • Its design provides easy accessibility.
  • Interior water bottle holder.
✔ Spacious main compartment
✔ Easy to Access pockets
✔ Comfortable to wear
✔ Quality construction and durable
✔ Available in various colours and designs
✖ Its strap does not have memory foam which is mentioned in product description
✖ It is not water resistant

6. Peicees Chest Crossbody Sling Backpack

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Another small daypack with water bottle holder. This unisex bag is a great supplement to a large bag on tour and can also be your companion for sports, gym and morning walk. Its water bottle holder is detachable so you can remove it when it is not needed. Precisely, it is one of the best crossbody bags with water bottle holder.


  • Crafted of water-resistant Nylon.
  • It has one main compartment and 2 outside pockets.
  • It has a detachable water bottle holder.
  • Padded breathable strap and back.
  • It is very light in weight (Just 0.44lb).
✔ Ultra comfortable and lightweight
✔ Water bottle holder can be detached
✔ High quality material
✔ Perfect small size for gym and everyday use
✔ Comes in 7 attractive colours
✖ Does not hold big water bottles

7. CARQI Sling Bag

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If you are a fan of the bags which have multiple compartments and provide great organization then you would surely like this one. Its design is very cool and comfy, tough Its water bottle holder is a bit unique yet still efficient. Indeed, it is an adorable little sling bag that you would love to carry.


  • It is constructed of Nylon.
  • It has 4 main compartments protected with a buckle.
  • Adjustable & reversible strap.
  • Breathable back and strap.
✔ Small yet rommy
✔ Suberb Comfortable
✔ Its matrial is scratch resistant
✔ Perfect small size for gym and everyday use
✔ It is available in 17 different colours
✖ Not waterproof as described

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Final Pick

Well well well, It is not only hard but quite unjust to pick only one bag as your final pick out of these amazing versatile bags. So, I am not going to pick a final one this time. Ah! Just kidding my final pick of this list of perfect sling backpack with water bottle holder is OutdoorMaster Sling Bag. Tell me your final pick of the list in the comments. Cheers!!!..

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